This is our babies; consist of 2 females and 1 male
Zara is the very pretty grey wolf, quiet and friendly,
Luna is the light brown female, very friendly, loves giving kisses,
Duke our male is very shy and never approaches strangers

Consist of 4 wolves,
Sirius, the Alpha male is easily recognisable as he is very dark
Raven, Alpha female is very pretty and quiet shy
Lakota, Beta male is light and very shy
Scar is the big brown friendly boy.
This is a very relaxed pack, the structures and rules are in place, you would usually see them sleeping or relaxing under a tree

Only have 2 males.
Zeus is the light coloured shy one and
Maska the big brown and friendly one.
There is no Alpha male yet

Consists out of 6 males
Arlo, the Alpha male is a big light cloured wolf with a big frown on his forehead,
Koda , Beta Male, is  small, brown and very friendly,
Paco is great and always watch from a distance,
Lenno is the biggest wolf, he has huge paws,
Mignan, is the naughty brown boy, he causes a lot of mischief and gets chased around a lot,
Elan , Omega male sticks close to his den and always has his tail between his tail
This is a very active pack as they don’t have all the rules and structures of a pack down yet

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